After two years of chronic sacro- iliac joint pain I decided to try James’s service on the advice of my physio. Within two months I was pain free and back doing all the things I enjoy. J.P. Company Director

As a two time women’s world champion wake boarder I understand the importance of being prepared for competition. James’s program covers all bases, preventing injury, dealing with current aches and pains and great strategies for core strength, conditioning and overall sports performance. A.W. Professional Athlete

My life was consumed by my constant back pain that moved throughout my spine and hips. At one point I was receiving four clinical treatments per week just to try and maintain my day to day activities. When I first met James I could not carry a shopping bag in my hand without debilitating pain. Every physical activity I did seemed to aggravate my back in some way. Since receiving treatment and participating in James’s program I lead an active lifestyle. The exercises I have learnt have allowed me to play a role in my recovery and maintenance process. D.S. Retired

Out of desperation I decided to go to James to get treatment for my chronic (7 years) neck pain after being referred by a friend. James’s approach was totally different to anything I had experienced. After three treatments I had extended periods of time without neck pain. The exercises he gave me were simple and easy to fit into my lifestyle. I can now walk (exercise) and work without neck pain. K.K. IT

My back pain became gradually worse over a two year period. At the time I saw James I had been on the treatment merry go round. I felt as though I had no hope of recovery. His treatment approach gave me an insight into how I could play an active role in my recovery. Over a period of time I have developed lifestyle, movement and exercise skills to enjoy pain free living. M.M. Plumber